Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment

Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment

Damp can cause rot to your timbers, cause moulds and spoil decorations. 

Damp can also lead to a poor internal environment with musty smells. Getting an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the damp is important.

We test and analyse samples from your property using a range of techniques from conductivity, capacitance, infra-red imaging, thermo hygrometry, and quantitative moisture analysis. This is used in conjunction with our own extensive knowledge built up from years of experience and provides you with a diagnosis and model of your damp problem.

Following an in-depth diagnosis, we provide advice on the treatment of damp and timber decay in your property. We use the full range of restorative techniques available both traditional and modern. Our overriding aim is to identify sources of moisture and with minimum intervention to the historic fabric resolve the problem. Sometimes however, inappropriate materials may have been used or the original fabric is beyond repair. In those cases, we can advise on and replace with materials sympathetic to the construction.

As regards the arguments for and against the use of modern chemicals versus traditional techniques we are completely neutral. Both have their strong points, their weaknesses, and their uses. Each property has different problems, different needs, and owners have different requirements and standards. The solution must be tailor-made for the problem.