Dry Rot

Dry Rot

We are specialists in the treatment of dry rot and wet rot. 

We try to minimise the need to remove affected timbers using a holistic, environmental approach with the targeted use of the least toxic chemicals in the management of fungal decay. 

Often the advice to remove all infected timber is unnecessary if the correct environmental controls are introduced and monitoring systems developed. This along with mitigating the sources of moisture is often enough to stop further decay.

We have a range of techniques at our disposal for testing and identification of fungi and their associated insect infestations. We can also accurately identify the source of moisture; please see our Damp Page.

We are in the process of developing new and novel techniques for the treatment of both dry and wet rot. Including the removal and sterilisation of fungal spores and non-toxic treatments. 

If you think you have a dry rot or wet rot problem, please call us 01476 550528